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The museum’s Numismatic Collection preserves a significant collection of approximately 10,000 Greek coins, from the three main collectable nuclei: University Collection, Palagi and Verzaglia-Rusconi. This series, classified by region and mint, assembles pieces representing the main monetary phases of the Greek world, from the first issues of the 7th century BC to the coinage of the classical period, the extraordinary examples from the Greek era and those of the Greek city under Roman rule. There are numerous examples pertaining to the mints of Magna Graecia and Sicily (Sibari, Tarentum, Syracuse, Agrigentum, Gela, Zancle and other cities), alongside the more famous issues of Athens, Thebes and Corinth. The collection is enriched by several extremely rare specimens and numerous coins testifying to the high artistic level of Greek engravers in the art of coinage.

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