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Museo Civico Archeologico
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Museum: Sections | Numismatic collection

The museum’s Numismatic Collection includes over 100,000 antique coins, medals, tesserae, tokens, coin stamps and seals; it is one of the museum’s most important holdings and one of the most…

Museums: Itineraries | Numismatic Collection: Greek coins

The museum’s Numismatic Collection preserves a significant collection of approximately 10,000 Greek coins, from the three main collectable nuclei: University Collection, Palagi and Verzaglia-Rusconi. This series, classified by region and…

Museums: Itineraries | Numismatic Collection: Roman coins

The museum boasts a large number of Roman coins from the republican and imperial periods: of the 25,000 pieces, more than half are from the Palagi Collection. The collection, which…

Museums: Itineraries | Numismatic Collection: Byzantine and barbarian coins

In the collection of Byzantine and barbarian coins, in which there are numerous gold and silver pieces, are preserved about 1500 coins in good condition issued in a wide chronological…

Museums: Itineraries | Numismatic Collection: medals

The Bologna collection has about 16,000 medals made of various types of metal. On a chronological level it goes from the origin of medals, with works by Pisanello, to our…

5 results in 1 page