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Attic pottery

In the late 7th century BC, the production of black-figure vases became popular in Athens, imitating contemporary Corinthian pottery. Potters soon abandoned ornamental geometric and plant motifs, turning to representations of the human figure and mythological themes. Over a short period of time Attic potters not only came to predominate on the Greek market, but also along the main sea routes of the Mediterranean, going as far as Etruria and – to the east – the shores of the Black Sea.

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The vases -formerly decorated with blak figures on red and afterwards with red figures on black - mainly depicted Homeric stories and mythological episodes, became a remarkable vehicle for conveying the Greek culture. Indeed, myth represents the historic memory of the Greeks, and the popularity of the episodes and figures in vase painting allows us to glean the influence of particular historical events and the political situation in Athens.

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