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Museum: Sections | Greek collection

With the opening of the Civico Museo in 1881, the holdings of the University and Palagi collections were displayed in the first rooms of the museum (II to IX), dedicating…

Museums: Itineraries | Greek Collection: sculpture

A series of marble sculptures are part of the Greek collection coming almost exclusively from collections and, unfortunately, for the most part devoid of indication about the location and characteristics…

Museums: Itineraries | Greek Collection: the Corinthian pottery

From the VIII century BC, Corinth became one of the most active centers of Greece for the production and the export of ceramic pottery. Corinthian workshops use a characteristic pale…

Museums: Itineraries | Greek Collection: Attic black-figure pottery

The Attic pottery production derives its name from the region in which is situated the city of Athens and is certainly the best known and the widest among the Greek…

Museums: Itineraries | Greek Collection : Attic red-figure pottery

Around 530 BC Athenian potters invented a “revolutionary” decorative technique that gave to the city the absolute dominance on the Mediterranean ceramic market: red-figure style. Unlike the oldest black-figure technique,…

Museums: Itineraries | Greek Collection: Italiot red-figure pottery

During the 6th and 5th centuries BC in all the Greek cities of southern Italy (Magna Grecia), were very abundant imports of Attic pottery, but only in the second half…

7 results in 2 pages 12