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Attic red-figure lekythos

This lekythos, a vessel for body oil, is the work of one of the most prolific red-figure painters, Douris, to whom over 200 vases – mainly lekythoi and bowls – have been attributed.

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He is one of the figures who predominated in the production of red-figure vases in the first three decades of the 5th century BC. One of the characteristics of his style is great attention to line and draughtsmanship, and with his precise and elegant hand he created rich drapery and beautifully outlined nude athletes.

The decoration on this lekythos is an excellent example and although it is not one of his masterpieces, it nevertheless exemplifies the main characteristics of his production: Nike, wings outspread, extends a jug and a cup as an offering to the winning athlete. The inscription “Diogenes kalo” is an acclamation to the young Diogenes.

Provenance: Palagi Collection
Datation: 480–475 BC Douris
Material: clay
Dimensions: height cm 31,8
Inventory #: G 80 (PU 321)

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