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Places / Exhibition rooms / Rooms V and VI - Greek collection

With the opening of the museum in 1881, the objects from the University and Palagi collections were placed in the first rooms of the museum (rooms II to IX), dedicating room VI to the “Greek monuments”. The transfer of the Egyptian collection to the basement and successive restructuring of the rooms, terminated in December 2005, made it possible to modify the 19th-century layout of room VI.

The interiors of the cabinets have been entirely renewed, while maintaining the original structure. The numerous examples of Attic and Italian ceramics have been arranged in chronological order to enable an easier reading of the development of figural vases in Greece and Southern Italy.

The use of the adjacent room V has also made it possible to dedicate a greater amount of space to the collection’s masterpiece, the head of Lemnian Athene, now flanked by cabinets containing a selection of materials from a wide chronological range (jewellery, cameos and coroplastic works).


Exhibition rooms | Rooms V and VI - Greek collection