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Corinthian aryballos

Aryballoi are produced from the 8th century BC to contain oils and perfumes.This type of aryballos, with its distinctive globular form, is unique to Corinthian production between the last quarter of the 7th century and the end of the 6th century BC.

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The decoration is composed of four large petals that sprout from a lotus bud: this was one of the most popular and widespread motifs in the Corinthian pottery of the period and may be attributable to the influence of Assyrian models.

The success of this type of container is well documented by the large number of known pieces from around the entire Mediterranean, from Delos to the coasts of North Africa and central-southern Italy.

Provenance: Palagi Collection
Datation: Late 7th–early 6th century BC
Material: clay
Dimensions: height cm 28
Inventory #: G 636 (PU 44)

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