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Campanian red-figure bell krater

Closely tied to the workshop of Sicily and nearby Paestum, Campanian red-figure pottery developed between the late 5th and early 4th centuries BC. Campanian pottery is characterized by the use of pale clay often enlivened with bright colours and by a preference for small and medium-sized forms.

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Funerary and Dionysian depictions are very common, as in the case of this krater, whose main side presents a Maenad and a pair of satyrs. The woman is wearing a long chiton and has an ivy garland on her head; she is holding a drum (tympanon) in her left hand and a large cluster of grapes in her right. The two satyrs are dancing and each one is carrying wine vessels, a situla and a large amphora.


Provenance: Palagi Collection
Datation: Mid-4th century BC, Painter of the British Museum F 196
Material: Clay
Dimensions: h cm 40,4
Inventory #: G 561 (PU 604)

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