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The Villanovan Period

The Etruscan civilization, called Villanovan in her ancient phase, developed from the end of X BC - beginning IX BC in Tuscany and northern Latium (Tyrrenian Etruria), Po Valley Area (with Bologna and Verucchio), Campania (with Salerno).

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The name "Villanovan" comes from the village of Villanova di Castenaso, near Bologna, where in 1853 the first of the characteristic necropolis was found by G.Gozzadini. Incineration was the funeral rite: the ashes of the deceased were placed in an urn, a biconical terracotta pot, covered by a bowl.

Similar tombs were soon also found in the major sites of Tyrrhenian Etruria, highlighting the existence of a uniform culture, especially among Arno and Tiber rivers, with projections south to Campania and north to the Po Valley.

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