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Museum: Sections | Etruscan Bologna

Roman and Greek authors have passed down the name of Etruscan Bologna: Felsina, Etruria’s capital of the Po valley. The presence of the Etruscans in Bologna dates back to the…

Museums: Itineraries | Etruscan Collection: Villanovan phase (900-680 B.C.)

The Etruscan civilization - that in the oldest phase is called "Villanoviana" - developed from the end of X - the beginning of the IX century BC in Tuscany, in…

Museums: Itineraries | Etruscan Collection: the Orientalizing phase

In the VII century BC the culture of the peoples which overlooked on the Mediterranean basin is deeply influenced by artistic and cultural elements coming from the Near East. This…

Museums: Itineraries | Etruscan collection: Felsinean phase

During the VI century BC in Etruria occur great social, political and economic transformations. The process of formation of the cities, within which the power of the merchants joins and…

Museums: Itineraries | Etruscan Collection: from villages to the city of Felsina

The first Etruscan villages in Bologna arise during the IX century BC. The most significant were placed along the Savena and are documented by the San Vitale and Savena necropolis…

5 results in 1 page