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Couple of guardian deities

The sculpture depicts two guardian deities with a human body and an animal head, and their task was to protect the deceased on his journey to the afterlife. The position of the genies is typical of block statues: they are seated with their knees to their chests and their bodies are cloaked in a mantle that essentially conceals their outline. The heads – one of a falcon and the other of an ibis – are finely detailed, with heavy wigs that have three bands of hair leaving their ears uncovered.

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One should picture the sculpture in a Theban tomb, perhaps that of the “prince of the city” Montuemhat, the extremely high-ranking official who marked the transition of Upper Egypt from the Nubian 25th dynasty to the Saite 26th dynasty.

Provenance: West Thebes: necropolis of el-Asasif (?). Palagi Collection
Datation: Late 25th – early 26th dynasty (713–525 BC)
Material: Diorite
Inventory #: EG 347

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