International museum and
library of music of Bologna


The International museum and library of music, a cultural project realized by Municipality of Bologna with the contribution of the Presidential Cabinet and the Ministry of Culture, first opened on May 11th 2004 in the fascinating 16th century Palazzo Sanguinetti, in Strada Maggiore 34.

The building, donated by Eleonora Sanguinetti in 1986, underwent a long period of restoration in order to return the remarkable interior to original splendour: these frescoes painted in the 19th century are among the highest artistic achievements of the “Napoleonic” and “Neoclassical” period in Bologna. The restoration has also updated the building to contemporary standards of exhibition, conservation and public service.

The exposition, music library, Events hall, foyer with multimedia facilities and educational workshops, located in rooms decorated by Pelagio Pelagi, Serafino Barozzi, Vincenzo Martinelli, Antonio Basoli, render the Museum as a multi-functional, interactive and lively location, serving scholars, music lovers and tourists (both adults and children) all with a common interest: music in all its form and expressions.

The Museum is a part of Bologna Museums Institution - Music Area, that is proposed to give the Music Museum a role as coordinator in valorizing the artistic and bibliographic heritage within its purview and in promoting musical culture in the city and local area. The unit works through shared programs and conventions with the University of Bologna, the Conservatorio di musica G. B. Marini, the Fondazione Teatro Comunale and other institutions and organizations working in this field.

Head: Jenny Servino