International museum and
library of music of Bologna

Museum / Guided tours

The museum periodically organizes special guided tours and in-depth theme tours.

Guided tours are available by reservation for groups with a minimum of 10 people and maximum 30 people.

Guided tours are available also outside opening hours of the museum, in accordance with the management.

The reservation of guided tours is required even those made without the help of the educational service of the museum.


italian guided tours: € 110,00 (h 1,30)

english guided tours: € 120,00 (h 1,30)

Some guided tours

Walking trough the halls of the Museum of Music: A guided tour about six centuries of music history talking about books, paintings, musical instruments from the beautiful historic Palazzo Sanguinetti.

"Nobile patria di aggressioni e mortadelle": What are they doing an armchair, a dressing gown and a wig in the Museum of Music ? The guided tour tellsabout historical documents, scores, musical instruments, images of singers and musicians, private anecdotes of the history of Gioachino Rossini in Bologna.

The Grand Tour: The history of Bologna and its importance in the music world of the '700, the discovery of musicians and composers who came from all over Europe to study with Padre Martini and to enter the Academy Philharmonic .