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Historical catalogue Gaspari on line

It contains the cards related to the acquisitions of handwritten and printed works up to 1904 and the acquisitions of opera libretti up to 2004. In comparison to the printed catalogue, the online version is updated and integrated with additional information.

Inside the catalogue you can make an Integrated Research, which allows you to search by name inside the databases for the bibliographic patrimony, the picture gallery, correspondance, and the names of the students and teachers of the Liceo Musicale di Bologna.


Picture gallery

It contains the cards of 319 paintings (from oil on canvas to pastels, designs, and oleographs), of which at least 200 come from the original collection of Padre Martini, while the remaining part was added in the course of the last two centuries at the Liceo Musicale. The database also contains the cards for the collection of busts and photos.



This is a catalogue of about 10,000 letters primarily from the 18th and 19th centuries. The principal core of these letters (about 6,000) is the correspondence of Padre G.B. Martini, which is testimony to his relationships with musicians and theorists of the period. The database also contains the correspondence of the librarians of the Liceo Musicale di Bologna, including Gaetano Gaspari (1807-1881), Luigi Torchi (1858-1920), Francesco Vatielli (1877-1946) and various correspondence and letters acquired by G.B. Martini or by the Liceo Musicale.


Teachers and students of the Liceo Musicale

This catalogue contains the information taken from the handwritten volume of Federico Vellani, secretary of the Liceo Musicale di Bologna from 1868 to 1906. While he was secretary, he dedicated his time to reporting the names of the teachers and students for each class in order by year. A supplement that was created later covers the years up to 1930.


Musical instruments

The catalogue contains the cards for the musical instruments currently displayed and preserved at the Museum, while the instruments still preserved in the collection at the Museo Civico Medievale are in the process of being catalogued. The project was realized thanks to the direct intervention of the Istituto per i Beni Artistici, Culturali e Naturali dell'Emilia Romagna and outlined by the Piano provinciale in materia di biblioteche, archive, storici, musei e beni culturali (L.R. n. 18/2000).


Periodicals (SBN-OPAC Polo Bolognese)

On the catalogue SBN - Polo Bolognese you can find the most updated data about the library. The whole index of periodicals owned by the International museum and library of musica and the G.B. Martini Conservatory is available in .pdf format.

N.B. It contains, under the single heading of "Civico Museo Bibliografico Musicale", the periodicals of the "Conservatorio di Musica G.B. Martini". The information - imprecise and with holes - was updated in 1984, but the information relative to the library is completely beyond the information contained in SBN.


Other catalogues

SBN - OPAC National index

A large part of the library's patrimony is present. The opera libretti , theoretical works, parts of the musical editions of the 20th century and other minor collections are excluded.


Contains the manuscripts and the musical editions up to about 1900; the libretti are excluded. (It, therefore, includes all the works contained in volumes II-IV of the Gaspari Catalogue, for a total of 14,892 notices; there are often the discarded cards of the manuscripts not present in the Gaspari Catalogue). Some manuscripts appear with collocazione MS.MART not used anymore. To know the present location, refer to this table of correspondence.


Contains the non-musical editions prior to 1830 (only of the Fondo Villa; therefore, the works contained in volume I of the Gaspari Catalogue are excluded).


Contains both musical and non-musical editions since 1830.


SBN - OPAC Polo Bolognese

The interrogation occurs ONLY in the databases Libro Antico (Ancient Book) and Libro Moderno (Modern Book) of the SBN (see above).

The OPAC di Polo, differently from that of the Index, permits you to view:

1) locations

2) abstracts

3) periodicals owned by the library

It doesn't permit the search of the Music database, which contains a good part of the ancient fund of the CMBM. The OPAC di Polo is primarily useful for searching modern material (from about 1900).


EDIT 16 (National census of the italian editions of the 16th century)

Contains about 1500 Italian editions of the 16th century.


IMAGO (Regional catalogue of graphic and cartographic works)

Contains 816 designs belonging to the 17th-20th centuries and 3,077 prints from the 16th-19th centuries.