Civic Museum of the Risorgimento

Museo Civico del Risorgimento
Piazza Carducci 5
40125 Bologna
tel. +39 051 347592 (reception and ticket office)

Via de' Musei 8
40124 Bologna
tel. and fax +39 051 225583

Library of Museo Civico del Risorgimento
Via de' Musei 8
40124 Bologna
tel. and fax +39 051 225583

Via della Certosa 18
40133 Bologna
tel. and fax +39 051 225583

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Museum / Public services

Educational Services

The museum's Education Section offers public and private schools of any level the opportunity to study and learn more about the period from the Napoleonic era (1796) to the end of the First World War (1918). The thematic itineraries provide different methodologies and educational supports, study of written documents and activity sheets, historical research of dossiers of written source materials, and educational games.
Guided tours may also be reserved for non-school groups. For information and reservations, contact the museum office at the Library - Tel. (+39) 051.225583 -


The newsletter provides information (in Italian) via email in real time on all museum initiatives. You may subscribe to the newsletter by visiting the "Newsletter" section of the website, found in the main menu at the upper left of the page.

Reproduction of materials

Film and digital photography, video and filming are allowed in the museums providing no flash or other lighting devices are used. Commercial use, distribution or publication of the images thus captured is prohibited. For more detailed information, contact the museum office.

Historical research - Bibliographic information

Those interested in news, bibliographic information and details regarding museum materials or interested generally in historical research on the period from the French Revolution to the Great War, should contact the museum office at the Library - Tel. (+39) 051.225583 -


Artifacts and documents of historical and artistic interest may be provided on loan for exhibitions within the limits imposed by law and by the relevant regulatory and curatorial bodies.

Use of museum spaces

The Civic Museums of Bologna makes its spaces available to people or organizations that wish to organize private events where they can treat their guests to a highly prestigious artistic and cultural setting. Companies, institutions and private individuals may enhance their image by organizing conventions, conferences, congresses, business meetings, refresher courses and any of a host of other initiatives in the museum facilities. Download Annex 1 for a complete list of available spaces and rental rates. Requests for rental of museum spaces must be made using Annex 3. Download, print, fill out and mail or hand deliver the annex to the pertinent museum. The use of museum spaces is subject to restrictions. Annex 2 provides the Rules for use of these spaces. You must download, print, sign and date, and deliver these Rules together with the completed request form (Annex 3) to the museum. For additional information and photos of the available spaces, please contact us.