Civic Museum of the Risorgimento

Museo Civico del Risorgimento
Piazza Carducci 5
40125 Bologna
tel. +39 051 347592 (reception and ticket office)

Via de' Musei 8
40124 Bologna
tel. and fax +39 051 225583

Library of Museo Civico del Risorgimento
Via de' Musei 8
40124 Bologna
tel. and fax +39 051 225583

Via della Certosa 18
40133 Bologna
tel. and fax +39 051 225583

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Certosa / Public services

Guided tours

The Museum organizes guided tours, conferences and other cultural initiatives during the year. Visit the "Events" section (upper left on the main menu) of the website for more information.
It is also possible to reserve guided tours for non-school groups.
For information and reservations, contact the museum office at the Library:
ph. +39 051 225583

Educational Services

The Educational Section offers public and private schools of all levels the opportunity to study and learn more about the historical period from the Napoleonic era (1796) to today.


The newsletter provides information (in Italian) via email in real time on all museum initiatives. You may subscribe to the newsletter by visiting the "Newsletter" section of the website, found in the main menu at the upper left of the page.

Reproduction of materials

The cemetery rules require that authorization be obtained from the cemetery supervisor before taking photographs or shooting film or video in the Certosa.
For information: ph. +39 051 6150882.

Images and content obtained from the Certosa websites may not be distributed or published without prior authorization from the Museo Civico del Risorgimento.
Photographs of works (in printed or digital formats) may be requested and purchased at the Library:
ph. +39 051 225583

The museum office may approve the use of an image in a publication. Royalties must be paid and a copy of the publication must be provided to the Museum. For more detailed information, contact the museum office.

Historical research - Bibliographic information

For news, bibliographical information and details regarding materials conserved at the Certosa, contact the museum office at the Library:
ph. +39 051 225583

A large part of the 19th-century and early 20th-century documents are archived at the Historical Archives of the City of Bologna at Via Tartini 1 - Bologna:
ph. +39 051 500401


Artifacts and documents of historical and artistic interest may be provided on loan for exhibitions within the limits imposed by law and by the relevant regulatory and curatorial bodies.

A photographic record has been compiled of the vast amount of cultural materials of historical and artistic value conserved by the museum. Data sheets have also been compiled and organized into an inventory for over 6,000 artifacts. The online database of the Certosa offers an exhaustive selection of materials on monuments, short biographies of the artists, information on graves and many thematic details and virtual reconstructions: