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Those who are 18 years or older can request the privilege to borrow, which must be renewed annually, by registering their personal information and presenting valid ID.
Minors that are at least 14 years old must present valid ID and a pledge signed by a parent or other adult that guarantees the respect of the rules and the possible compensation of damages.
Requests are presented to the distribution operator by filling out and signing the form clearly and legibly.
Loaners are permitted to request up to 3 works (a maximum of 6 volumes) for a one-month period that is renewable except for when the work has been requested by another person. The worker at the distribution counter will see to completing the borrowing procedure.
It is in the interest of the borrower to note any damages or existing marks on the volume during the check-out procedure.
In the event that the volume is returned late or damaged, the Direction reserves the right to adopt possible measures (temporary exclusion from loaning, compensation for the damages, etc.).

Excluded from loans:

- manuscripts
- drawings, prints, single photographs or photos in volumes
- editions prior to the year 1950
- rare and valuable volumes
- volumes with particular, handwritten notes or tables outside of the text; and collections (opera omnia, scientific series, etc.)
- works with more than three volumes
- periodicals
- reference books
- works not yet inventoried, stamped, filed, or ones in the middle of being processed


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