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Ground floor


Inside the ticket office, on the ground floor, there is the music bookshop where it’s possible to choose among a selection of volumes and specialized publications and a large assortment of ad hoc products made to promote and give value to the collections of musical items displayed in the rooms of the museum.
New entry methods


Individual visitors to the museum can rent audio guides in Italian and in English for a more thorough study of the museum’s exhibits, enriched by numerous musical contributions. With over three hours of recorded information, the audio guide allows the visitor to retrace about six centuries of the history of European music, listening to the comments on the collections of musical objects exhibited in the museum: the paintings from the picture gallery collected by Padre Martini that portray famous people from the music world; historical musical instruments; valuable collection of written materials: treatises, opera libretti, letters, manuscripts, autograph musical scores. In order to ultimately enrich the listening experience, the descriptions are accompanied by thirty-six musical excerpts of the most important composers such as Martini himself, Rossini, Mozart, Bellini, Vivaldi, Monteverdi and many others.
The audioguides are temporarily not available to the public.


Available in the exhibition rooms and in the library. Please connect to the Hyperbole Wireless network, which is open and does not require authentication.


MuseOn is Available in iOS and Android version, with itineraries dedicated to all the museums of the Istituzione Bologna Musei. One more tool to accompany italian and foreign visitors to discover the iconic works of the permanent collections.
The QR code can be purchased in the museum for € 2.00 or in the app for € 1.99.

COATROOM for single visitor

Inside the bookshop, a coat check service is available for large bags, book bags and luggage: visitors are asked to leave these items inside lockers which can be locked with a key by inserting a 1 euro coin (which will be returned upon opening the locker).

lower level

COATROOM for group

On the lower level, a coat check service is available to the group. Entrance into the museum with bags, book bags and luggage is not allowed: visitors are asked to leave these items inside lockers which can be locked with a key by inserting a 1 euro coin (which will be returned upon opening the locker).


The public toilet is on lower level.

first floor


The drink vending machines is available to the public.

Dogs & Museums

Book the Dogs & Museum dog-sitting service, designed by Bauadvisor, which allows dog owners to enjoy a full visit experience, confidently entrusting a professional dog sitter with the care of their animals for the time of the visit. The service is available by reservation through the www.bauadvisor.it portal and the Bauadvisor app.
Once a reservation is made, the experts of the Bauadvisor team will be ready to welcome the visitor in front of the entrance of the museum and take over the temporary delivery of his friend Fido, to make him walk and have fun in the green areas near the museum, then making him embrace his friend again.

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The museum is equipped with a lift and toilet reserved for people with disabilities. On specific request or by calling with the appropriate external intercom, the staff will install a mobile ramp for the entry to the museum for those who use the wheelchair.


Visitors are asked to remember that inside the museum:

  • Smoking is prohibited
  • The consumption of food and drinks is prohibited
  • It is forbidden to touch the works displayed outside of the glass cases


It is possible to take pictures and videos inside the museum - without the use of flash or other lighting devices - for personal use or research and educational purposes only.
To obtain reproductions of the works in the museum's collections or to request authorization of publication, it's necessary to send the request by regular mail or by email to the Direction of the museum.