Istituzione Bologna Musei

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The prime objective of the educational programs of the Istituzione Bologna Musei is to acquaint visitors of any age or background with the city's rich artistic, historical, scientific and technological heritage. Each of these realms is explored in all its specificity in an active, participatory and varied learning experience touching on all museum collections, temporary exhibitions and activities.

The courses are designed to meet the needs of teachers, providing content suitable to the school curriculum. A dialogue is maintained between the museums and the schools to promote active participation by local educators in the creation of an integrated, broad-based learning system.

The museum thus becomes an accessible, engaging space for education, discussion and promotion of awareness of the world and one’s own identity within it through diversified initiatives that encourage each participant to appropriate and re-elaborate the related content.

The Istituzione Bologna Musei places professionalism and experience at the service of schools in many ways. A diverse array of programs are available, ranging from guided tours to edutainment, from workshops at the museum to an introduction to cultural heritage or to training and refresher courses for teachers and museum personnel.

The Istituzione Bologna Musei also organizes specific projects, consulting services for teachers at schools of any type or level, internships, apprenticeships, and cultural events for scholastic and non-scholastic audiences.