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  • Arca di Carlo Riccardo e Roberto da Saliceto

Our museums / Musée de l'OHM


The Opening Here Museum (OHM) is a mobile-museum founded by the italian artist Chiara Pergola inside a chest of drawers from the XIX century, hosted since 2009 by the Medieval Museum in Bologna. The idea of creating an opera that is at the same time a museum itself, the place were meaningful works for a community are collected and displayed, and to choose a piece of furniture as the structure for this apparent paradox, is generated by the need of expliciting the link between the personal and the public spheres. The way the OHM is organized is based on the typical architecture from the ancients in Pompei, casa-bottega, that bridged the dwelling and the working place in a single building. Following the same scheme, the Opening Here Museum is structured in this way:


Top drawer: it corresponds to the pergula of the casa-bottega, the top floor where the family used to live, and it is the place in the museum hosting temporary exhibitions.

Middle drawer: it contains a collection of serial art crafts and corresponds to the negotium where exchanges took place. This drawer can be displaced in different locations from time to time, as a moving platform where the objects are for sales; the relation with the marketplace is therefore signified by a hole.

Bottom drawer: it is called secreta and it is the warehouse where the permanent collection is kept together with small personal objects coming from private contributions. It is generally closed but its content becomes visible through a glass window in occurrence of the negotium removal.


Outside surface: it has been carved during a public performance where etching tools where offered to the visitors of the neon>campobase gallery in Bologna (Chiara Pergola, Significato, 24/09/2009). This performance was conceived as a sort of christening, but is also referred to Marina Abramovic’s performance Rithm 0 (1974), during which she allowed people to act on her body with different tools of pleasure and torture. Being torture prevaling then and now on human bodies, the founder has tried to “put things back in their place”.

Back side: is the technical office, with works of various artists conceived in order to increase the user-friendliness of the museum.

Board of OHM: formed by the OHM founders it drives the museum according to the rules specified in the OHM Statute; Massimo Marchetti has been appointed to Art Director for the triennial activity 2009-2012.


If you wish to open the secreta, please ask the key for the visit to the reception of the Medieval Museum.

For information on the actual position of the marketplace (negotium), please call at: +393334858488.