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Funerary equipment, Certosa necropolis, tomb 108.

The tomb is a rectangular trench covered with pebbles and the deceased was laid supine, perhaps dressed or wrapped in a shroud closed by four fibulae, now lost. The funerary equipment comprise a very lavish banqueting service with large amounts of Attic pottery and a range of bronze plate imported from Etruria, with some striking refined items like the basin with animal frieze etched around the edge.

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Worth noting, alongside objects closely connected to an ideology of clear Greek derivation, is the small, locally produced amphora, typical of Felsina and used only for graves, which must have had an important ritual significance, considering the continuity of presence in funerary equipment from the Villanovan phase onwards.

Provenance: Bologna, Certosa necropolis, tomb 108.
Datation: Second quarter of the 5th century BC (c. 460 BC)

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