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Statuette of Apollo with lyre

This statue is a rare bronze depictions of divinities in padano context and its importance is enhanced by the fact that it was found in the urban sanctuary of Felsina and therefore represent one of the deity worshiped by the Etruscans of Bologna.

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The god Apollo, called Aplu by the Etruscans, is shown as a nude, standing figure with plaited hair and arms open. The left hand holds a lyre, while the right (missing) hand would have held the plectrum. This is a modest work by a local craftsman, but it nonetheless reveals the influence of Greek artistic models. It is rare to find Apollo with lyre in Etruscan bronzes, while the combination of the cult of Apollo and Heracles in the same sacred area is well known, especially in the great Veio temple of southern Etruria.

Provenance: Bologna, Villa Cassarini sanctuary
Datation: Late 5th century BC
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: Height: 8,1cm
Inventory #: 27832

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