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Group of pottery fragments

During the construction of the underpass of Rizzoli street, in 1959, were found about 20 hut funds, one of which, of greater dimensions, has been recognized as a furnace, of which remain fragments of the plane that separated the combustion chamber from the compartment where vases were cooking.

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Fragments of a pottery set addressed to conservation, cooking and food eatingcome from the group of houses: jars, small plates, cups, mugs, glasses. We know the original shape from similar examples found in tombs as part of the funerary equipment so well conserved.

Provenance: Bologna. Via dell'indipendenza n. 24
Datation: 750 - 600 BC
Material: pottery
Dimensions: height from cm 7,5 to cm 10,1; width from cm 5,5 to cm 8,9
Inventory #: 17482; 17481; 17476; 17489; 17485

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