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Spindle whorls and spools

Among the finds recovered more frequently in "funds of hut", large patches of anthropic ground corresponding to the floors of ancient houses, we mention ceramic spindle whorls and spools.

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Spindle whorls and spools are an evident reference to spinning, one of the main domestic activities performed by women. Spools can be interpreted both as tools to roll up a string and as little weights for a loom. Other loom's weights in the shape of a truncated pyramid, were found beneath the hut. Thath proves looms inside the houses.

Provenance: Bologna. Residential area. Sporadic.
Datation: 8-7 century BC
Material: pottery
Dimensions: spools: leght from cm 6,1 to cm 7,1 spindle whorls: height from cm 1,6 to cm 2,7; diam from cm 1,9 to cm 3,2
Inventory #: 2877; 2859; 2771; 2870; 2881; 5339; 5382

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