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Bronze cist

The cist was originally constituted by a wooden body coated with leather, not preserved in the original but rebuilt, on which was mounted a perforated bronze foil.

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The container is decorated with bronze elements: the feet are as lion's paws, in the middle of the body there are little ram's heads and on the the handle has an athlete's shape. 
The cist has to contain toilette's object of the Etruscan woman: the alàbastron, a box for perfumed oils, a bone comb and a bronze mirror, tweezers and other tools for body's care.

Provenance: Bologna. Necropoli De Luca, tomba 103
Datation: half of the 5th century B.C.
Material: bronze
Dimensions: h cm 43; diam cm 34
Inventory #: 16537

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