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Bronze ribbed cup

The ribbed cup, a highly valuable vessel related to the consumption of wine, is part of a class of containers produced, in all likelihood, in Vetulonia in imitation of oriental models.

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This exemplar, which is part of the minor collection uncovered in Bologna, has a particularly splendid handle applied with a lotus flower, which makes it inimitable and implies that this vessel be the result of a re-elaborated version of the prototype. Between the late 8th century and the early 7th century B.C., ribbed cups became quite common both in Northern Italy and Transalpine Europe, probably owing to the intermediating role of city of Bologna.

Provenance: Bologna, Arnoaldi Necropolis
Datation: 680 - 575 B.C.
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: h. 7.5 cm; diameter 12.4 cm

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