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Collections / Ricerca / Etruscan Collection: Villanovan phase (900-680 B.C.)

Serpentine-type fibula with disk foot

Certain variants of fibulae with the twisted bow distinctive of those types are laid down predominantly in men’s grave goods. In one of the earliest moments of the Villanovan phase, in the area of Bologna, there was found evidence of the use of fibulae composed of two components, a large amount of which is often splendidly engraved.

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This type of fibula was not highly common in the area of Bologna, but it was much more widespread in Tyrrhenian and Campanian Etruria. This sample was the only component of the grave goods in an incineration tomb, placed inside the ossuary urn.

Provenance: Bologna, San Vitale Necropolis, tomb 623
Datation: 850 - 800 B.C.
Material: bronze
Dimensions: length: 10.3 cm.
Inventory #: 12989

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