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Museums: Itineraries | Egyptian Collection: the grave goods

Many of the monuments and objects that come to us from ancient Egypt have been found in tombs and were part of grave goods. The typology and the wealth of…

Museums: Itineraries | Egyptian Collection: the tomb of Horemheb at Saqqara

Horemheb, the last king of the 18th dynasty, reigned over Egypt from 1319 to 1292 BC. He is protagonist of an amazing political career: with the name of Atonemheb becomes…

Museums: Itineraries | Egyptian Collection: Writing in Ancient Egypt

Throughout its ancient history, Egypt expresses an unbreakable bond with writing; every monument, even the smallest object, represent a suitable surface to receive a text written in hieroglyphic, hieratic, demotic…

Museums: Itineraries | Egyptian collection: amulets

The Archaeological Museum of Bologna has a rich collection of over 2,000 amulets of different periods, shapes and materials. These are small objects, often precious, that Egyptians wore in life…

Museums: Itineraries | Feeding in Ancient Egypt

Cereals, vegetables, fruits, fish, various meats, dairy products, beer, wine, oil and more, are the basis of simple and varied diet of an ancient Egyptian, which can be considered to…

11 results in 2 pages 12