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Here are suggested a series of in-depth thematic itineraries for each civilization.


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Museums: Itineraries | Greek Collection : Attic red-figure pottery

Around 530 BC Athenian potters invented a “revolutionary” decorative technique that gave to the city the absolute dominance on the Mediterranean ceramic market: red-figure style. Unlike the oldest black-figure technique,…

Museums: Itineraries | Greek Collection: Italiot red-figure pottery

During the 6th and 5th centuries BC in all the Greek cities of southern Italy (Magna Grecia), were very abundant imports of Attic pottery, but only in the second half…

Museums: Itineraries | Greek Collection: gemstones

The gems collection of the Museum includes 395 specimens of sfuse stones, set in ring and cameos. The material, except for two specimens, arrived in the Museum at the beginning…

Museums: Itineraries | Roman Bologna: the village

The dimensions of the town, known to us, mainly refer to the age of Emperor Augustus (end of the first century BC) who restored the city, the primitive road system…

Museums: Itineraries | Roman Bologna: the territory

Romans, after occupying Emilia Romagna, planned the complete reorganization of the territory with the founding of great cities, the tracing of an effective road system and the creation of a…

Museums: Itineraries | Roman Bologna: necropolis

In Bononia, as in all the other roman cities of the empire, necropolis, areas intended for burial, in respect to hygiene rules established in Rome already in the Archaic period,…

38 results in 7 pages «23456»