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Here are suggested a series of in-depth thematic itineraries for each civilization.


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Museums: Itineraries | Etruscan collection: Felsinean phase

During the VI century BC in Etruria occur great social, political and economic transformations. The process of formation of the cities, within which the power of the merchants joins and…

Museums: Itineraries | Etruscan Collection: from villages to the city of Felsina

The first Etruscan villages in Bologna arise during the IX century BC. The most significant were placed along the Savena and are documented by the San Vitale and Savena necropolis…

Museums: Itineraries | Greek vases collection

The Museum's Greek collection, which includes mainly ceramics and in a smaller number marble sculptures, terracotta works, jewelery and engraved gems, was formed by the union of various public and…

Museums: Itineraries | Greek Collection: sculpture

A series of marble sculptures are part of the Greek collection coming almost exclusively from collections and, unfortunately, for the most part devoid of indication about the location and characteristics…

Museums: Itineraries | Greek Collection: the Corinthian pottery

From the VIII century BC, Corinth became one of the most active centers of Greece for the production and the export of ceramic pottery. Corinthian workshops use a characteristic pale…

Museums: Itineraries | Greek Collection: Attic black-figure pottery

The Attic pottery production derives its name from the region in which is situated the city of Athens and is certainly the best known and the widest among the Greek…

38 results in 7 pages 12345»