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Collections / Itineraries / Egyptian collection: Ptolemaic Period


With the conquest of Alexander the Great (332 BC), who takes possession of Egypt during the war against the Persian Empire, the Pharaonic phase of the Egyptian civilization ends. Alexander, before to restart the military campaigns in 331 BC, must solve the problem of the administration of this new province. The foundation of Alexandria reveals his wish to rule the country from a new capital, but always respecting the ancient Pharaonic tradition.

Few years later, after his death, which occurred in Babylon in June 323 BC, the greek-Macedonian dynasty of the Ptolemies gets on the Egyptian throne: begins a very long and complex historical period, that will end in 31 BC with the battle of Actium, following which Egypt will become a province of the Roman Empire (Roman period: 30 BC - 324 dC) and then, with the separation between Western and Easter Empire, will pass under the control of the Byzantine Empire.

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