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Statuette of Seneb

This statuette, missing of the head, depicts a dignitary named Seneb, crouched on the ground with crossed legs and wrapped in a large mantle that covers him almost entirely.

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As is the case with many other statues of this type from the late Middle Kingdom, the only visible parts of the body are the neck emerging from a V-neck garment, the hands and the lower part of the legs, from the knee to the foot. The formula and hieroglyphics carved at the base of the statue and on the mantle – like a papyrus scroll – are funerary, addressed to the god of the afterlife Osiris so that Seneb can enjoy “every pure, beautiful and living thing” for eternity. The epithet of Osiris, lord of Anekhtaui, which is the name of the Memphite necropolis, has led scholars to surmise that the artefact is from this area. The titles and onomastics in the text, as well as the type of the cloaked figure, seated like a scribe, allow us to date this work to the reign of Djehuti, at the end of the 13th dynasty (1680–1650 BC).

Provenance: Memphite necropolis (?). Palagi Collection
Datation: 13th dynasty reign of Djehuti (1680–1650 BC)
Material: microdiorite
Dimensions: h cm 14,5
Inventory #: KS 1839

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