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Statue of anonymous

This statuette, now deprived of the right arm and the original colors, is a man with the left leg forward, left arm crossed over his chest in a gesture of deference. A long skirt tied at the waist.

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The body of this unknown man (we ignore the name and the social role) was modeled with simplicity and disproportion of both the upper and lower limbs. The face is more accurate, in a style dating this statuette to the second part of the Twelfth Dynasty. The object was probably part of a funerary equipment.

Provenance: Provenance unknown. Palagi Collection (Nizzoli)
Datation: 12th dinasty (1938 - 1759 a.C.)
Material: wood
Dimensions: h cm 37,4
Inventory #: KS 1864

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