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Statue of Neferhotep I

The statue depicts Neferhotep I and is one of the few monuments in the name of this pharaoh lived during the XIII dynasty. Neferhotep is sitting on a cubic seat with a just mentioned backrest, has his hands resting on the thighs and legs slightly apart.

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The archaic pleated skirt (shendit) and the linen headdress with parallel bands of colour (nemes), with the uraeus at the front, allow us to identify him as the ruler of Egypt, as do the cartouches, bearing his first two names, placed by his legs. The two inscriptions holding the cartouches are a dedication to the crocodile god Sobek of Shedet. Consequently, the statue may have been inside the temple consecrated to this deity in the city of Shedet, now Medinet el Fayyum.

Provenance: Fayum (?). University Collection
Datation: 13th dynasty, reign of Neferhotep I (c. 1759–1640 BC)
Material: microgabbro
Dimensions: height cm 35
Inventory #: EG 1799

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