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Statue of a togated figure

The statue, representing a notable portrayed with great realism, is dressed in a tunic and toga; he is holding a scroll in his left hand and has a cylindrical document holder at his feet.

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It was originally in the niche of a funerary monument in the form of a pointed aedicula. This type of monument, Greek in origin and very widespread in the Emilia Romagna and Veneto areas, was composed of a quadrangular podium surmounted by a body shaped like a cella with a faux door; it was crowned by a pyramidal spire that ended in a Corinthian capital. The only elements remaining of the monument of Maccaretolo, identified in the 19th century, are this statue, a limestone bracket and a capital crowning the spire (displayed to the right of the staircase). Capitals and brackets from at least three other similar monuments have been found in the surrounding area.

Provenance: San Pietro in Casale, località Maccaretolo (Bologna)
Datation: C. 25 BC
Material: Limestone from the Berici Mountains
Dimensions: Height: 217 cm
Inventory #: 19062

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