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Stela of the Alennii family

On this monument, shrines alternated with inscriptions are set alongside busts portraying several generations of the Alenni family. Above are the parents L. Alennius Stephanus, a freedman of Lucius and the one who had the stela made, and Freia Euphemis, a freedwoman of Marcus, both of whom were manumitted slaves. Represented in the middle are their sons L. Alennius Celeris and T. Alennius, born freemen and the only ones depicted with drapery, possibly meaning that they had already put on the toga virilis. The lower part depicts their daughter Saturnina, still living (V), and the freedwoman Stacte, who was already dead when the stela was made (Q).The stela cites the position of their son Titus as a seviro, an honorary municipal magistracy for wealthy freedmen that also permitted social climbing if one could afford it.

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Lastly, it mentions the size of the burial: Q.Q.V.P.XVI (Quoquo versus pedes XVI) indicates thath the area was of 16 Roman feet per side (approximately 5 metres).

Provenance: Bologna, Reno wall
Datation: First half of the 1st century AD
Material: Limestone
Dimensions: height cm 250; width cm 67
Inventory #: 19040

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