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Plaque dedicated to Isis (cast)

The plaque bears the epigraphic transcription of the will of the freedwoman Sextilia Homulla, who had her freedman Anicetus pledge to use part of her wealth to pay for a monumental dedication to Isis, indicated as Domina (lady) and Victrix (victor), in her name and that of M. Calpurnius Tiro. The original is still set The original is still set in the left wall of the church of the Santi vitale and Agricola, which is part of the basilica complex of Santo Stefano, a copy is in the museum.

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It is the most important document proving that, beneath the basilica of Santo Stefano, there was a sacred complex dedicated to Isis, the Egyptian goddess whose cult was clearly very popular in Bononia. As the other sacred places of Isis' cult, it was located out of the city. However, other eastern cults also became widespread in the city quite early, such as those of Jupiter Dolichenus and the ones connected with Mitra.

Provenance: Bologna, piazza Santo Stefano
Datation: Mid-1st/late 2nd century AD
Material: White marble
Dimensions: Height 58,7 cm; width 280 cm
Inventory #: 19115

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