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Ash urn

In the Hellenistic period (323–31 BC), urns showing the deceased lying in a banqueting position became popular in Chiusi, Volterra and Perugia. Production from the three towns differs above all for the type of stone used, although the most modest urns are in terracotta. In any case, the item was always finished in bright colours.
The more refined products are better quality and the choice of case decoration motifs is more complex.

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The most valuable urns are often decorated with episodes from Greek mythology inspired by great sculptures and paintings produced in the Hellenistic region of Asian Greece.
Here this Volterra urn depicts Meleagris killing the boar Calydon.

Provenance: Unknown origin. University Collection
Datation: Second half of the 3rd century BC
Material: Alabaster
Inventory #: IT 1275

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