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The Ceretolo Warrior’s Tomb

In 1877, various objects from a warrior’s burial were discovered in Ceretolo following agricultural work. The place of uneathing is next to the Celtic necropolis of Casalecchio-Zone A, which was recently investigated and yielded about a hundred burials as well as a cult area. The tomb found at Ceretolo was probably part of a group, that was separate from the ones that were recently discovered, situated in a slightly elevated position and extensively damaged during the Roman era.

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The funerary equipment, among the richest and most complex found in the Boii territory, is likely refered to a warrior, as demonstrated by the panoply composed of a sword, scabbard and metal belt, as well as an iron spearhead (lance tip) and the extraordinary finding of the shield, of which fragments of the umbo (shield boss) have been preserved.

The most remarkable artefact is the beautiful bronze jug with a handle composed of an elegant nude youth whose chest is arched back. This noteworthy piece of craftsmanship is probably from a southern Etruscan workshop.

Provenance: Ceretolo, Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna)
Datation: Second quarter of the 3rd century BC

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