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Places / Exhibition rooms / Room III – Verucchio

This room presents materials from the 9th and 8th century bc from a systematic series of archaeological digs effected at Verucchio (Rimini) between 1893 and 1894 by Edoardo Brizio in the Ripa property, known as the “Lavatoio” or “Campo del Tesoro”.

One of the most significant finds was the princely grave goods from tomb Lippi 85, discovered in 1972, which exceptionally includes some elements of wooden furniture. This burial provides us with extraordinary information concerning the funeral rites used for the death of a high-ranking figure, a prince, placed in his tomb with symbols of his power: a throne and stool of wood and wicker helmet with bronze studs.

The tomb dates from around the mid-7th century bc; the presence of hazelnuts and grape stalks makes it possible to establish that the burial took place in autumn.

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Exhibition rooms | Room III – Verucchio