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Places / Exhibition rooms / Room XI - Gallic Bologna

This room on the museum’s first floor presents the funeral trappings from the 4th and 3rd century bc. It constitutes a natural continuation from the large room X with its Etruscan finds from Bologna, and is instead dedicated to illustrating the history of the Bologna area until its final conquest by Rome, marked by the taking of the Latin colony of Bononia in the territory of the Boi in 189 bc.

From the start of the 4th century bc, the territory of the Etruscan Felsina was occupied by one of the Celtic populations from beyond the Alps which from the end of the 5th century bc began to migrate throughout Central and Northern Italy. According to Classical sources, it was the Boi who settled in the area of the plain south of the Po, between the Parma region and Romagna, and their arrival determined a changed in the system of Etruscan settlements.

Only very scant traces remain of the Celtic settlement of Bologna. Most of the archaeological material is funerary in nature: graves, for the most part entombment, in which, alongside typically Etruscan articles (jars and crockery for a banquet), arms and ornaments of Celtic tradition also appear.


Exhibition rooms | Room XI - Gallic Bologna